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Discover The Power of Conscious EFT™

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What is Conscious EFT™?


Conscious EFT™ is the process of safely and skillfully applying a phased approach to using EFT as a modality of transformation while being consciously aware and present to ourselves and our clients or patients. Conscious EFT™ is a 4 phased model utilizing trauma and systems informed framework, integrating research-based, energy, psychology and neuroscience approaches.


How Would You Benefit From Conscious EFT™ Training

  1. Create a life of personal and professional joy, freedom and abundance with less potential for burnout and vicarious trauma.

  2. Enhance professional fulfillment through an increased ability to facilitate safe, sustainable and permanent change for clients/patients.

  3. Experience increased satisfaction knowing that clients and patients are receiving the gold standard care they expect and deserve.

  4. Heal your own emotional wounds as you help others do the same.

  5. Learn and develop within a safe community of connection with ongoing personal and professional support.



Watch the the participants share their experience from Conscious EFT™ Training, and click HERE For Full Training Details & To Register For Our Upcoming Sessions!

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