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Coach Corby

Master Conscious EFT/Tapping Trainer & Certified Executive Coach

"Corby shines as a coach and EFT practitioner. Her approach to uncovering key emotional events and core limiting beliefs was thorough and effective. Corby created a safe and open environment allowing me to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences. Working with Corby allowed me to recognize and work through the emotional blockages that have been holding me back from experiencing the joys in life. For those interested in experiencing emotional freedom,

I highly recommend Corby as a coach and

EFT practitioner."


 -  Leigh Anne - Toronto


What is a Transformational Catalyst?


Transformational Catalyst: Guides or facilitates another person’s transformation that causes change in awareness of their actions, behaviours, and thoughts, but they are not involved in the transformation or change themselves.


How I Can Help You

You are competent, you have what you need, you have tried coaching and wellness and affirmations but for some unknown reason you are not quite achieving or reaching the goals you wanted. Something is stopping you whether it’s in:

  • Relationships,

  • Finances,

  • Health, and wellness,

  • Business

Creating symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety,

  • Stress,

  • Overwhelm

  • Imposter Syndrome


I help you to interrupt patterns, thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve you, so you can:

  • Think,

  • Act and

  • Behave more powerfully


You then become the Creator of Your Life not the reactor!


What My Services Include:​

  • High ethical standard

  • A safe environment to be vulnerable

  • Unwavering support

  • Challenges the client to stretch their way of thinking, feeling and acting.

  • Addressing the whole person

  • Focuses on specific tasks or objective

  • Coaching packages customized to your needs


Sustainable change is created when we incorporate our thoughts, emotions and the body into the process of coaching.  We cannot fix only one area of our lives, it is by taking a holistic approach that true clarity and success can be found.




GIFEW Global Woman of the Year 2021 Award Finalists - Entrepreneur of the Year
Your Holistic Earth, Business from the Heart Nomination for Champion Award 2021
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