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Coach Corby

Certified and Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner, Conscious EFT Trainer, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Professional of

Human Resources

"Corby shines as a coach and EFT practitioner. Her approach to uncovering key emotional events and core limiting beliefs was thorough and effective. Corby created a safe and open environment allowing me to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences. Working with Corby allowed me to recognize and work through the emotional blockages that have been holding me back from experiencing the joys in life. For those interested in experiencing emotional freedom,

I highly recommend Corby as a coach and

EFT practitioner."


 -  Leigh Anne - Toronto



I am so glad that you stopped by.  My name is Corby and what I enjoy most in my off time is taking pictures of how the light filters in, on and through nature and whatever it touches.  I like to see things up close, notice patterns and see things from different angles.

It is the same when I coach clients.  I see the light within them that may be buried deep.  I like to come at a problem from different angles to see what resonates with the client, sometimes that takes a zoomed in lens and other times a z
oomed-out lens. The world looks very different from each perspective.

Tidbits About Me

  • I was a first responder for 7 years

  • I worked in a coal mine and was the first female on their sites Mine Rescue Team

  • I love capturing the sunlight on many different forms of nature

  • I’ve been singing since I was a kid and still enjoy singing in a choir

  • I love being a Grammy

  • I rode a camel in the desert for a week in Australia

  • Friends and family fill my soul

My Story

The day I lost my Job is the day my world came crashing down.  I had worked my way up to the Director of HR and I still didn’t believe in me. I felt like an imposter, a fraud. Who was I to be doing this job, so, when I lost it, I felt like I had finally been found out.  It only took 25 years but there it was.

For 3 months, I was desperate to find a new job, to gain more knowledge, I enrolled into university classes, I must not know enough, I felt exposed and that I would never be able to work again, who would want me?  I was at an all-time low.  Then I was given a chance to attend a coaching seminar in Toronto where an organization had a program all about healing yourself.  In that instance I knew that was why I was there, so I sign
ed up for a 6 month program.  I know my husband thought I had lost it but he is supportive of whatever I chose to do.

So back I went to Toronto and started working on myself. I learned this weird tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping.  I had never heard of it before.  It was crazy to think that tapping on ones body would help facilitate healing.  It brought up stuff I thought I had “worked on” and by tapping on the issues, it was really gone.  I felt lighter, clearer in my thinking and feeling.  I learned about trauma and the body, how it stores it within until it can be released.  I began to see myself, really for the first time and I began to like who was emerging.

I learned about why I had felt like an imposter or fraud, why I couldn’t acknowledge my accomplishments, I had believed that I was nobody special. Now I know we are all special, with our own gifts and talents.  The biggest gift was learning to really love myself, to see me and own what I bring to the table. It is very liberating.

Learning EFT has allowed me to bring joy into my life, to share all of me with my family and friends and my clients.  I don’t have to hide parts of me, I am worthy. From my experiences and growth, I wanted to share this with others so they can be liberated from their conditioning.  The more love that we have for ourselves, the more peace and joy we can collectively bring to our friends and family, to our homes, our neighbourhoods, our cities, country and the world.


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  • GIFEW Inspiring Solopreneur Nominee, 2023
  • GIFEW Women in Business Category, Finalist, 2022
  • GIFEW Global Woman of the Year 2021 Awards Finalist, Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Heart Centered Award – 2022

  • Champion Award 2021

  • Entrepreneur of the year award 2019

  • Health & Wellness Award 2019

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