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Athletic Performance and EFT

There is buzz going around about all the benefits of EFT. One of those benefits pertains to athletes and performers from amateur to professional.  It can be used to calm the nerves and get clarity in the mind.  Being nervous is normal and welcomed but being nervous to the point you lose focus does not lead to better performance.  What if you can calm those nerves and thought that interfere with your performance.


You will only achieve the success that you believe you can achieve.  By working together we can challenge those beliefs; are they beliefs held because that is what someone told you or is it a belief that really works for you.


In the videos they show people from Baseball, and Track & Field using EFT.  Other sports have adopted its use such as PGA golfers, and NFL player.  Professional athletes at the highest levels of competition use EFT not only to improve their sports performance, but also to change their lives.


The Mind/Body Connection

Whether you are an athlete or not, stress, anxiety or overwhelm can linger in your body causing dis-ease.  By working together we can heal the mind and body connection. In some cases lingering injuries are stuck in the body due to the stresses we are holding onto.  Everything you do is connected through your thoughts and emotions.  Once you understand this connection personal and professional growth and healing can happen.


EFT is only one tool in the athletes or performers toolkit, it can help you use your subconscious to improve your performance by quieting the mental noise that tends to get in the way. Rather than trying to consciously think your way to a better performance, you have to think and feel it. 


If you are ready to experience what taking your performance to the next level really means; lets discover together what’s possible. 

Watch below for EFT techniques used in professional sports

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