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Help Clients Break Through Blocks Safely!


Level 1 & 2 EFT Training

6 Week Integrative Program

For Busy Professionals

Coaches, Healers & Helpers

Add the professional technique of “TAPPING” to your practice, using the scientifically proven Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - a mind body approach for transformational healing.


Join me for 6 weeks of integrative training sessions of Emotional Freedom Techniques foundational training.  Why add the stress of intensive training when you can learn in bite sized pieces and build on what you learn the prior week.


 You will receive a full toolkit of new methods to use with existing techniques to successfully satisfy the needs and challenges you and your clients are experiencing.

 ONLINE TRAINING: Starting September 17, 2024 


I’m Corby Furrow, extending a warm welcome
to your heart from my heart with an invitation to attend
my 6 week integrative training for acquiring your
personal EFT Tapping Toolkit.

My work as a certified executive coach sometimes left me wanting more for my clients!  I am happy to share that I found that “more” 8 years ago when I was first introduced to EFT, a deeper, more expansive use of the  art of tapping.


Today it brings me great joy to enable fellow coaches, healers and professional helpers to acquire and apply the great tools within the Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping.

How is it Different?

It goes beyond working with our client’s minds and enters the body’s energy fields & nervous system.


You will acquire an increased ability to:

  • Empower clients with self-regulating tools

  • Address “root causes” energetically and emotionally

  • Help clients shift what's happening in the moment

  • Create instant relief and sustainable transformation while creating safety within the nervous system

A past attendee described EFT as ...

...enabling you to be in a relationship where trust is extended to the nervous system, not just the thinking mind.  It's going from logically knowing that you are safe and understood, to energetically feeling like you are safe and understood.

The EFT TAPPING TOOLKIT TRAINING is a 6 week integrative online training . It teaches the full spectrum of Emotional Freedom Techniques and so much more to facilitate powerful changes and self empowerment for your clients and you.


Online live attendance is required. For confidentiality reasons, there will be no recording other than for training purposes.


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The Foundations of Nervous System Safety

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How to Apply EFT Most Effectively within that System

Corby's sales page images - small (3).png

How to Guide Clients within the Real of Nervous System Safety

Corby's sales page images - small (8).png

How to Coach them on a Deeper Energetic Level

Corby's sales page images - small (6).png

How Post-Traumatic Growth Accelerates Healing in the Here & Now


Corby's sales page images - small (11).png

Expand your own emotional regulation to hold space for clients


Increase your confidence in guiding clients through deep transformation

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Prevention of burn out or compassion fatigue

The Training Roadmap

Sept Schedule.jpg

PRE-TRAINING - There is none! you have enough to do!

You can relax knowing that you will receive the information you require prior to each session Some of the information we will be learning about is listed below.


  • An Introduction to EFT and its History

  • The Neuroscience Behind EFT and Why it Works 

  • The Keys to Nervous System Safety 

  • Foundational EFT Techniques




After getting to know each other in our intimate group, creating a safe space, and taking time for questions from the pre-training, we will start with our foundational EFT teachings while also having time for practice and integration of our learnings. 


  • Introduction to Polyvagal Theory and Its Relevance to EFT  

  • Nervous System 101: Understanding the Role of the Nervous System  

  • Tapping Protocols: Techniques for Effective EFT  




  • Stress Relief and Self-Regulation: Empowering Clients for Self-Healing 

  • Borrowing Benefits: How Tapping in Groups Can Amplify Healing 

  • From Global to Specific: Targeting the Root Causes of Stuck Emotions 

  • The Pyramid of Aspects: Uncovering the Layers of Emotional Trauma With EFT 




  • How to Keep Client and Practitioner Safe 

  • Dysregulation Protocols: How to Use EFT Tools to Help Regulate the Nervous System 

  • Testing and Retesting: Measuring Progress and Adjusting EFT Techniques 

  • Sneaking Away: Gentle Techniques for Addressing Trauma  

  • Your Role as a Coach: Rules and Limitations




Every day will be a mix of live teaching, immersive practices and plenty of time for reflections, questions, and integration. Our space is trauma-informed and designed to teach and experience the transformation in real-time. 



  • Gentle Techniques: Learning and practicing the sneaking away, sneaking up, and holding the truth techniques

  • Chasing the Pain: Identifying and addressing the physical and emotional components of pain

  • Experiential Learning: Practicing EFT on oneself and other attendees in a guided session

  • Cravings: Understanding and addressing the aspects of addiction through EFT




  • Belief Repatterning: How to identify and reframe limiting beliefs with EFT

  • Success Action Items: Developing a personalized EFT plan for ongoing self-care and growth

  • Practical Exercises and Personal Feedback: Opportunities for one-on-one coaching and feedback on EFT practice

  • Sneaking Up Technique: An in-depth exploration of this powerful and gentle technique for addressing trauma and limiting beliefs

  • Tell the Story Technique: How to use EFT to safely and effectively process traumatic memories and experiences



The goal of our last day is applying the full repertoire of tools so you have everything you need to feel equipped to add to your own practice.



  • Addressing Physical Symptoms to Help Your Clients Heal From the Inside out

  • Surrogate Tapping and Techniques for Working With Children  




  • When to Use EFT and When Not to Use EFT

  • Understanding Psychological Reversals

  • Reframing as the Coach and the Power of Inquiry

  • Using EFT Over the Phone or Online 

  • Scope of Practice: What You Can and Can’t Do

  • Setting the Standard: Understanding the Ethical Code of EFT Practice

  • Informed Consent: Why It's Vital for Practitioners and How to Do It

  • Staying Within Bounds: Navigating the Scope of Practice With Tapping

This is a Nervous System-Friendly Training!


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Interactive learning with Coach Corby, an experienced practitioner and trainer who knows the theory and has experience from serving hundreds of private clients and training many level 1 & 2 EFT programs

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Our training takes a layered approach to learning, which means we start with the basics and gradually build upon that knowledge through practice and experiential learning. We believe that this is the most effective way to learn EFT and to become skilled at using it.

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Training materials and workbooks to guide you through the learning process, which you can revisit in your practice whenever you need.


  • One-hour lunch break

  • Several breaks throughout the day to ensure optimal learning

  • Ample time to go over questions 

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Become an EFTi member


Practice with like minded people,

ask questions, share experiences



This space is a growing network of coaches, service providers, and people in the healing profession that will support you along on your journey.

There will be regular events you can choose to participate in and support through both your fellow alumni and Coach Corby.

This training is so much more than tapping.  This is creating lasting and safe transformation from a nervous system perspective.

This training is all about immersive, hands-on learning. You'll get to practice EFT techniques on yourself and with others, and you will receive personalized feedback and coaching to take your coaching skills to the next level.

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$997* CAD or

2 payments of $499*

(*plus applicable taxes)

Early Bird Pricing


and special Bonus By registering TODAY!

Still have questions about the program; you can book a

Curiosity Call with Corby to ensure that this program is a good fit for you or not.

Client Love

"Corby and her team did a fantastic job of creating a safe and non-judgemental space to get curious and explore tapping/EFT. I came away with a deeper appreciation of the history and science of EFT,  an expanded toolkit of techniques for myself and loved ones, not to mention all the personal benefits of releasing stuck emotions and gaining new relationships! If you've benefited personally from tapping and are interested in going deeper for yourself and those you care for, I highly recommend Corby! She is confident and assertive yet compassionate and curious; I really enjoyed her style of educating and engaging our cohort along this deeply personal learning journey.

Erin, Alberta

I am very grateful for the coaching and training I received from Corby Furrow.  She has a gentle and compassionate approach, making you feel seen and heard.  Corby was instrumental in my healing journey because she believed in me and saw my true potential even before I could see it myself.  She helped me to build my confidence and to keep taking steps forward even when it was challenging.  I highly recommend working with Corby for your personal and or professional needs.

Brenda Holder, Transformational Coach

About Me

corby (1).png

I discovered the transformative power of EFT during my own journey of self-discovery after losing my corporate job of 25 years. My identity was tied up in my title, and my job. I didn’t know who I was; I felt like an imposter, even with all my success.  I couldn’t own it.  With EFT, I discovered who I was and healed the parts of me that felt unworthy and undeserving.  When I was training to become a coach I realized that there were parts missing from my toolkit such as the body piece and nervous system safety, so pairing EFT and coaching, to me, was a natural progression.


As a Coach and Transformational Catalyst, I've helped countless individuals and professionals achieve their goals and create deep healing within by creating the building block foundation of a joyful and liberated life.


As a Trainer, I now help other coaches, healers, and professionals expand their skill set and toolkit to help, not only their clients create lasting results through deep transformative work but themselves as well.


Corby is a Certified & Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner &

Master EFT Trainer;

Certified Executive Coach, CEC;

Chartered Professional of Human Resources, CPHR 

Family & Systemic Constellation Facilitator

Accredited Master Trainer Seal.png


Have more questions? Keep reading.

  • What is EFT Level 1 + 2 Certification?
    EFT Level 1 + 2 Certification is an online certification program designed to teach the fundamentals of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and provide hands-on training and is the first step to becoming a certified EFT practitioner.
  • How much time is required for this program?
    Every day of the 3-Day Training is a full training day so you have to be well-rested and dedicate your full attention and energy to this important part of your journey. We encourage you to set enough time aside for post-training self-care and integration. This is deep work and we want you to feel safe, resourced, and supported along the way.
  • How much time is required for the pre-training?
    Approximately 3 hours.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes, we offer a payment plan for our EFT training program with two installments of $499, one due at the time of enrollment (sign up) and one right before the day of the live training.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    We don’t offer refunds, but if you have a legitimate emergency and are unable to attend the training, we are able to offer you a credit towards a future training session.
  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion?
    Yes, upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion for EFT Level 1 + 2 Certification.
  • Is this program accredited?
    Yes, this program is accredited by EFTinternational
  • I already know how to tap. Is this for me?
    Yes! While tapping along with, for example, a youtube video can be effective, it is not necessarily always a safe tool to use with your clients. Plus, even if you use tapping regularly, there are many tools beyond the one commonly known tapping technique. EFT includes an entire toolbox, and in this training, we are teaching you everything you need to know about the nervous system so that you can take your client to the next level (safely). Most of my past students have had experience with tapping already when they decided to join our Level 1&2 Training. But if you’re completely new to tapping, you’ll also learn everything you need to know. The training is extensive, which means you need to complete a few foundational pieces of training before our live training.
  • Am I a certified Practitioner after this training?
    Although Level 1 & 2 EFT Training does not formally qualify you as an EFT Practitioner on its own, it is the crucial step towards mastering the art of tapping and developing the skills needed for further EFT training. This training level will equip you to safely use EFT with your clients in your existing practice, or your future practice should you have not started your business yet. This level is specifically designed to provide students with a solid foundation in EFT, including tried-and-true techniques and essential knowledge combined with the latest neuroscience that supports their continued growth on the path to becoming an EFT practitioner. However, the full EFT Practitioner Training will be complete when you complete level 3 Training, which comes after this training. You will receive a certificate of completion that you can use towards your full certification. My company will offer this accreditation as early as 2024.
  • Is this course for beginners?
    Absolutely! Anyone who is interested in learning EFT can enroll in the program. We created this training for coaches at every stage of their coaching business. If you have just started health or life coaching, or if you’re a seasoned coach who has many years or decades of experience, this course is for you. There are no prerequisites for the EFT training program other than completing your pre-training before you come to our first day of the live training. From our experience, we have seen people in all stages of their personal development and practice benefit from these skills. Beyond learning the tools and techniques you will greatly increase the capacity of your own nervous system and improve your space-holding skills.
  • How do I know that I am ready?
    If you're feeling drawn to EFT and have an interest in learning more about the technique and how it can help you achieve better results for your clients, then you're ready! It's suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge and skills. We cover a comprehensive set of techniques and tools and practical applications that you can use to help your clients. You will learn how to apply EFT safely and effectively, how to work with a wide range of emotional issues, and how to customize your approach to meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Will I have lifetime access to the materials?
    Yes, you will have access to the materials in your student portal. Our live training will not be recorded due to safety and the nature of an immersive practice space.
  • What if I miss part of the live session?
    Your attendance is required if you want to obtain a certificate of completion for your Level 1 & 2 Training on your path to becoming an EFT Practitioner.
  • What are the course requirements?
    The only requirement for the course is an open mind and willingness to learn. No prior knowledge or experience in EFT is necessary. You will need to complete your pre-training in order to participate in the live training days. Be open and willing to participate and expand your knowledge.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a certified EFT practitioner?
    Becoming a certified EFT practitioner offers numerous benefits, including the ability to help clients overcome emotional and physical issues, improve relationships, and increase overall well-being. There is less potential for you to burn out or have vicarious trauma, which creates greater joy personally and professionally. The satisfaction that you are caring for yourself and your client with the highest degree of safety are essential skills to add to your professional credentials. Becoming a certified EFT practitioner can open up new opportunities for your coaching business and personal growth. In addition, the program includes hands-on training and certification from an accredited organization, which can add credibility to your coaching practice.
  • Can I use EFT Level 1 + 2 Certification for continuing education credits?
    Yes, many professional organizations accept EFT Level 1 + 2 Certification for continuing education credits. Please check with the organization you’d like to certify with.
  • Will this program help me improve my coaching skills?
    Absolutely! EFT Level 1 + 2 Certification is designed to teach the fundamentals of EFT and provide hands-on training that you can use in your everyday coaching situations with clients. Corby will guide you through the techniques and help you gain confidence in your additional coaching skills. While learning the techniques is an important part of EFT training, it's equally important to understand how to deliver those techniques in a safe and respectful way that benefits both the client and practitioner. We emphasize the importance of not just the technique, but also the practitioner-client relationship and the art of working with clients in a compassionate and attentive manner. By taking a holistic approach to EFT, we believe that you create true masterpieces in your work and make a positive difference in the lives of your clients.
  • How long does it take to see results with EFT?
    The results of EFT vary from person to person, but some people experience immediate relief after just one session. With consistent practice, EFT can lead to long-lasting and profound changes in your life. Check out if you can join a free live tapping session with Corby here.
  • Is there ongoing support after the training?
    Yes! We offer ongoing support through our private Facebook community and email support. Our goal is to provide ongoing support to help you achieve your goals and continue to improve your EFT skills.
  • Will this help me grow my business?
    Yes, this training can help you change your business and your coaching/healing practice. By completing the program, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to offer a powerful and effective healing modality to your clients. This can help you attract new clients, retain existing ones, and ultimately grow your business. Additionally, we cover not only the technical aspects of EFT, but also how to make sure you are running a safe, supportive, and sustainable practice.
  • I’ve got more questions!
    Email questions to, I’m happy to answer as best I can about about the training.
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