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What is Conscious EFT™?

Conscious EFT™ is the process of safely and skillfully applying a phased approach to using EFT as a modality of transformation while being consciously aware and present to ourselves and our clients or patients. Conscious EFT™ is a 4 phased model utilizing trauma and systems informed framework, integrating research-based, energy, psychology and neuroscience approaches.


The 4 Phased Model of Conscious EFT™

  1. Safety, Symptom Management & Self-Regulation around current life issues.

  2. Resolution of Adult Past Painful Events, Traumas and the associated learning’s (beliefs).

  3. Resolution of Childhood Developmental and Attachment Traumas and the associated learning’s (beliefs).

  4. Creation and Reinforcement of New Learning’s and Supporting Behaviors.  This 4th phase is an ongoing and essential part of each of the first three phases.


How does Conscious EFT™ apply to both Transformational Coaching and Psychotherapy?

Both streams are about professional AND personal growth. Regardless of whether we are engaged in Transformational Coaching or Psychotherapy, our clients or patients already unconsciously or consciously know this:

Who we are as helpers is more important than what we know.


The Benefits of Training in Conscious EFT™ for All Practitioners

  1. Create a life of personal and professional joy, freedom and abundance with less potential for burnout and vicarious trauma.

  2. Enhance professional fulfillment through an increased ability to facilitate safe, sustainable and permanent change for clients/patients.

  3. Experience increased satisfaction knowing that clients and patients are receiving the gold standard care they expect and deserve.

  4. Heal your own emotional wounds as you help others do the same.

  5. Learn and develop within a safe community of connection with ongoing personal and professional support.


After many years of combined clinical and coaching experience, NeftTIs know:

  1. ALL high-quality delivery of gold standard EFT originates from high quality personal growth.

  2. When our presence is consciously or unconsciously unavailable and/or we are experiencing challenges in the safe use of EFT with our unique client or patient, it interferes with creating safe, sustainable and permanent change and opens the possibility for re-traumatization of both practitioner and client.

  3. Academic or Certification training is not a sufficient condition for Clinicians or Coaches to facilitate healing and growth.

  4. Human beings learn and grow positively in an environment of psychological and physical safety.

  5. We are energetic beings (emotionally, physically, mentally, relationally and spiritually) who operate in a system of relationships.

  6. There is a biological imperative to connection and survival. Our perception of threat or danger impacts these connections.

  7. Adverse Childhood Experiences and Developmental Traumas are the foundational reason for an adult’s lack of quality of their personal or work life.

  8. As individuals resolve their own adverse childhood experiences and developmental traumas this will impact their families, friends, work, community and the world for the better.


Join us in our 12-week in-person and on-line program and DISCOVER how integrating professional standard EFT into your personal and professional life will revitalize, re-energize and re-inspire you.


DISCOVER Conscious EFT™ is the foundational training from Canada’s National EFT Training Institute and is highly sought after by current and potential clinicians and coaches ready to enter the evolutionary world of Energy Psychology.

You’ll learn the fundamentals and then progress to a depth of trauma-informed training that will surprise and delight you.

The DISCOVER Conscious EFT™ program is your FIRST STEP!


DISCOVER the POWER of Conscious EFT is a 12 week foundational EFT Training Program that includes 4 weeks of self-study, Live 3 day Training and an 8 week follow-up support program.

Here's what to expect:

Pre-Training Self Study Program (access instantly after registration)

            Manual, Webinar and Video Training Package

            Student Access to Download Training Materials Online

            Counts as 3 hours of your accreditation hours requirement.

Part 2: 3 Day Live Intensive, In-Person Experiential Training

Day 1: 9am – 6pm

Day 2: 9am – 6pm

Day 3: 9am – 3pm

            In-Class Manual and Worksheets

            Live and Video Demonstrations

            Break-out Sessions with personal feedback.

Part 3: Post Training Support

            8 weeks of support following the Live Workshop to help you integrate your skills into your personal and professional life.

  • Includes on-line/tele-calls

  • Practice sessions with your DISCOVER training colleagues


BONUS: NeftTI Community

Following your DISCOVER training you’re invited to join the NeftTI Community for ongoing support, networking, referrals, collaborative partnerships and access to advanced training. Community for support, ongoing learning, networking and much more.


Alumni Rate for returning Trainees – email for details


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"You can't get to a new future holding onto the emotions of the past" ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza